Cube Loop is a simple game, where you control a red cube to the left and right. Your goal is to dodge the grey obstacles as long as possible. Also there are two types of power ups, that give you an effect. If you already have a power up and get another one of the same color, the effected rows will increase.

  • The blue power up makes you twice as wide and gives you 10 seconds invincibility.
  • The green power up makes the game run at 70% speed.

The game is heavily inspired by the "How to make a game" series on YouTube from Brackeys. Definetely check him out here.


Cube Loop.apk 18 MB
Cube Loop Setup (x86).exe 14 MB
Cube Loop (x86).zip 22 MB

Install instructions

Installtion Windows as ZIP file:

  1. Download the "Cube Loop (x86).zip" file
  2. Extract its content
  3. Run "Cube Loop.exe"

Installation Windows as installer:

  1. Download the "Cube Loop Setup (x86).exe" file
  2. Run it
  3. Follow the instructions through the installer
  4. Run the game from the start menu or desktop

Installation Android:

  1. Download the "Cube Loop.apk" file to your Android device
  2. Open it and tap on "Install"
  3. You might have to allow the installation in your settings
  4. Open the newly installed app


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someone watched a brackeys tutorial

Yea I should probably link his playlist...
But at least I made some big changes and am currntly working on new 3D models in voxel art.